10 tips on How to Deal with Depression

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Do you know someone in your area who is depressed? You can do several things to help. People living with depression go through a tough time and at this point, they need their friend, and family members support. In this article, we advise you 10 tips on how to deal with depression to help your close ones going through this serious problem.

1. Don’t judge, but listen
Let the depressed person talk and ask for his or her thoughts. A depressed person is often ashamed of his thoughts. Do not condemn those thoughts but say that those thoughts about themselves, others and life are part of the depression. The depressed person is not his thoughts; they are “only” thoughts. They belong to his condition.

2. Be cautious when giving advice
Opinions can be interpreted as a reproach. A depressed person is not stupid and also knows that he has to go to work out, for example, but he simply often cannot. Do not expect advice to be followed, better not to give it and to ask how you can help.

3. Give attention
Continue to invite the depressed person to parties and other activities even though you know he doesn’t feel like it, don’t make him obligated. Do not expect a response and interaction. A text message with “how are you?” Once a week is also good.

4. Don’t expect interest
A depressed person is not interested in anything and is indifferent. Do not condemn it; it is part of the depression; he finds it bad enough that he thinks so.

5. Someone is sick and is not himself
Remember that depression is a disease; a depressed person is not himself. Also, tell him that he is depressed and therefore sees everything through black glasses. Do not try to convince him that the world is different from experiencing it, but listen.

6. Indicate your limits
It can be very tiring and drastic for yourself to deal with a depressed person. A depressed person has little room for attention for another and can exhaust you. Take time for yourself, seek professional help if necessary and do not become a counsellor.

7. Do business together
In depression, you prefer to withdraw and be alone. Continue to encourage and invite you to undertake activities together outdoors, do not force yourself on this.

8. Seek professional help
Tell him to seek professional advice, that some therapies and medicines can support him. Do not be forced into this either; it must ultimately come from him.

9. Ask what you can help
A depressed person often has trouble with daily things, administration, shopping, household, etc. His competencies are less, and he does not care. Don’t blame him, but offer your help with appropriate restraint.

10. Talk about suicide.
Depressed persons regularly have suicidal thoughts. Ask him about this and do not condemn these thoughts either. You bet he feels guilty about it. Tell him that he is valuable, that the opinions belong to the depression and that it passes. It can already help him to talk about it.

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