5 Types of Models

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Modelling is not about glamour only. When we talk about models, it’s all about diversity. It is a very diverse field, and models are now required for different tasks. Depending upon their tasks and target market, models are divided into some categories by the famous model agency London. Their salary and demand vary from category to category.

Here are some categories in which models are often divided.

1) Fashion models:
Fashion models are hired by the different organization to advertize and market their products. These models are often hired by fashion designers and fashion brands to advertise for dresses, shoes, bags, accessories etc. they get their training from model agencies like model agency London, who manage them and help them to get their desired placement.

2) Plus size models:
Plus size models enjoy almost the same benefits as any other models. They are often hired by plus size label brands for publicity of their plus size costumes. Development of plus size models in the industry has given confidence to all those plus size ladies who were not satisfied with their body build.

3) Glamour models:
These models shoot for bold products. They are often hired by high-rank companies, magazines, and media agencies. There is no eligibility or requirement of body shape for this. These models are just required to give bold shoots sometimes nude too.

4) Commercial model:
These models are not hard to find. They are like freelancers who work project by project. They keep on gaining experience and work in collaboration with model agencies. Model agency London is a better choice to have a deal with.

5) Runway model:
These models exhibit their modelling skills only on-ramp. Model agency London send them to fashion weeks where they can earn a large amount by participating in fashion walks. Fashion weeks are held twice in the year at different places throughout the world.

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