Action has been taken about Alexei Navalny health

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Since the end of March, the Russian opposition member has been on a hunger strike, and his health is poor. According to his lawyer, Navalny has now been relocated.
The Russian opposition activist Alexei Navalny, who went on a hunger strike in a prison camp, has been transferred to a prison hospital. The Russian penal system said he had come to a facility on the premises of another prison camp. The state of health of the opponent was therefore described as “satisfactory”.

Navalny’s team said the 44-year-old was not taken to a hospital but to another prison camp, where prisoners suffering from tuberculosis could also be treated. “This is not the right hospital at all where doctors can diagnose treatment for their problems.” Internationally, concerns about the health of Russia’s best-known opponents are growing.

Navalny’s lawyer Alexej Lipster announced that he is now waiting in the penal colony in Vladimir near Moscow for access to his client. But he has not yet received a permit to visit. The head of Navalny’s anti-corruption foundation, Ivan Zhdanov, wrote on Twitter that the move could only mean that the opposition’s condition had deteriorated. “To such an extent that even the torturer admits it.”

Navalny has not eaten for almost three weeks to get a doctor’s visit like this. His team called Nawalny’s health-threatening over the weekend. It issued an urgent warning of an impending cardiac arrest because of critical potassium levels in the blood. The opposition politician recently complained of back problems, paralysis in the limbs, fever and cough.

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