Aeroplane with 15 Dutchmen and two Chinese partners left from Wuhan

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Last night around half-past two, a plane departed from the Chinese city of Wuhan to the Netherlands. This includes 15 Dutch people and two Chinese partners. They are evacuated because of the corona virus. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs reports this.

In addition to the Dutch, over 50 Europeans are expected to be on board. These are Belgians, Danes, Czechs and Slovaks. According to the Belgian Minister of Health Maggie De Block, the evacuees are not sick. If people do fall ill, they will be isolated from the group.

The aircraft lands today at the Belgian airbase Melsbroek. From there, the passengers are transported by bus or plane to their own country.
The Dutch who return must have fourteen days in quarantine. Where they go in isolation is viewed on a case-by-case basis. According to the government, this is not necessarily necessary in a hospital.

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