Airport Obtains an Injunction Against Protesters

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For two days, the protest movement had stopped flight operations in Hong Kong. This should be prevented by court order. The UN is concerned.

Following the disruption of air traffic, Hong Kong International Airport is resisting further protests. An injunction seeks to “prevent people from unlawfully and intentionally obstructing or disturbing the correct use of the airport,” said a statement by the airport, which is the hub for long-haul flights over China and Southeast Asia. Accordingly, protests or demonstrations were banned except in designated areas on the grounds of the airport.

In fact, the flight operations had to be stopped on both Monday and Tuesday. In the meantime, the flight operation starts again. Although many flights were still cancelled, dozens of aeroplanes have already started, and the airport began to work off the backlog of the past two days.
Previously, thousands had extended their ongoing protests against the city government and police violence to the airport, obstructing passenger handling with seat blocks. “We’re trying to stop flights today, and just like yesterday, we are blocking the entire departure area so visitors or people trying to leave Hong Kong can not leave,” one demonstrator said Tuesday. The hope is that the government will lose a lot of money due to the blockade.

Once again, there were violent clashes between the government critics and the police in these actions. Officials with truncheons, helmets and shields entered the airport; demonstrators then set up more barricades at an entrance ramp with luggage carts and other objects. “Stop to Hong Kong, stand up for freedom,” they chanted. Many wore eye-patches or eye-patches to alert them to the serious eye injury suffered by a female activist who had been hit by a police bullet during weekend riots.

The police claimed to arrest five protesters. They are accused of rioting, assaulting police officers and possession of firearms. The demonstrators, in turn, allegedly held a man for more than two hours because they considered him a covert police officer. Others allegedly beat another man whom they accused of being a “spy”. According to the Chinese newspaper Global Times, which had loudly criticized the protests, it was one of its reporters. He was released from the police and taken to the hospital.

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