Another Busy Day for Intertoys Stores by Handing in Gift Vouchers

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 On Sunday it was again busy at Intertoys stores with customers who came to redeem their gift vouchers. Just like Saturday, there were some delays on Sunday due to technical problems due to the crowds.

According to a spokesman it was busy, but good to act. No incidents were reported on Sunday.

Sunday is the last day on which credit can be redeemed on the cards because the company has filed for bankruptcy. Customers can redeem their credits on gift cards until midnight via the Intertoys website. There may also be delays due to the larger supply, according to the spokesman.

On Saturday, the stores were also plagued by a malfunction that caused the system to be out of the question and customers ended up in a long line in some stores. Then, according to the spokesman, there were “situations where customers did not behave properly”.

For example, a store in Wezep was closed, after visitors had thrown things up to the cashiers, spit out and stolen items. Some employees were crying behind the cash register.

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