Another legal defeat for Donald Trump

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An appeals court in Pennsylvania rejects another lawsuit by the US president as unfounded. The US President’s legal team now wants to appeal to the Supreme Court.
If the election results are challenged, the incumbent US president has to take another defeat. A federal appeals court in the state of Pennsylvania dismissed Donald Trump’s lawsuit as baseless. “Allegations of unfairness are to be taken seriously,” said the court. “But calling an election unfair does not make the election unfair. Complaints require specific allegations and then evidence. Here we have neither,” wrote Judge Stephanos Bibas.

“Free and reasonable races are the backbone of our majority rule government,” said Judge Bibas’ statement. The judges also unanimously rejected a freeze on the now certified election victory of Trump’s challenger Joe Biden in Pennsylvania. The three judges in Pennsylvania were appointed by Republicans, Bibas had nominated Trump himself for the post in Philadelphia in 2017. The decision of him and his two colleagues follows a sharply worded ruling by a lower court, also passed by a Republican.

Trump’s attorney Jenna Ellis complained after the decision on Twitter that the “activist machinery of the justice system in Pennsylvania continues to cover up massive fraud allegations”. She announced that Trump’s legal team would now call the Supreme Court in Washington. Trump has been talking about “massive electoral fraud” for weeks but has so far provided no reliable evidence.

Courts have already thrown numerous lawsuits from Trump and his Republican allies, including a week ago in Pennsylvania, as well as Michigan, Georgia and Nevada. It was initially unclear whether the Supreme Court would accept the new case. Even in an appeal to the Supreme Court, in which six of the nine judges are considered conservative, Trump is unlikely to be successful in light of the facts.

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