Apple Resumes Sales iPhone 7 and 8 in Germany after Adjustment

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 The iPhone 7 and the iPhone 8 will be sold from Thursday again in Germany, but now exclusively equipped with Qualcomm chips.

The iPhone 7 and 8 were not permitted to be sold in Germany since December last year. Chip manufacturer Qualcomm then won a patent case against Apple.

These are iPhone models that use a combination of an Intel modem chip with Qorvo components. Qorvo violates, according to the German court, a patent on saving battery power when a telephone receives or sends wireless signals.

Apple exclusively used Qualcomm modem chips until 2016. Since then, more and more iPhones contain chips from Intel, and as of this year, no new phones with Qualcomm’s chip will be made.

If the company wants to sell the iPhone 7 and 8 again on the German market, Apple now has “no other choice” than to offer only models with Qualcomm chip. Apple calls Qualcomm’s behaviour against Reuters “extortion.”

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