Applications of Bunk Beds in Unusual Places

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The nature of double bunk beds allows the two people to sleep in the same room while maximising the available floor space for certain other activities. It’s the most practical and efficient way of decorating a room either for kids or adults as well.

But places limited to floor spaces such as on ships, army garrisons, summer camp cabins, hostels, prison cells, university residence halls, guest rooms or children’s bedroom. Due to the need of the hour, they have become popular among every class of the society. Models of bunk beds vary with the designs.

• Ships
Shortage of space and adjusting more number of people in a single area allows the ship to have double bunk beds. The sailors have to spend many days on the sea in navy ships and submarines, so they have metal poles or wooden beams connecting the lower bunk to the top bunk. A ladder is usually used to get up to the top bunk.

• Prisons
Bunk beds are often used in the jails, where the inmates share it in small locked rooms.

• Refuge Points and Shelters for Homeless
Homeless people take refuge in the shelter and use bunk beds for sleeping.

• Military
Military organisations and fire halls provide a place of bunk beds to firefighters and soldiers to sleep.

• Scouts
Summer camps and winter cabins provide double bunk beds to the boy scouts or girl scouts during training.

• Ski-lodges
Inexpensive hotel for short stay travellers and ski-lodges often have bunk beds in their rooms.

• Hostels
School or university hostels have these beds for two students to share a single room. They are in big halls, or even small rooms have two or three bunk beds together in the hostels.

• Aircraft
An aircraft carrier also provides the same facility of bunk beds.

• Home
The most common use of bunk beds is needed at homes especially at children’s room when siblings are sharing the same room or sometimes a single child sharing it with often visiting guests, or friends when to have an overnight stay bunk bed is a good option.

This necessity has become a compulsion in every house for kids that not only provide a comfortable sleeping area but a fun time with playhouse beds.

The contemporary designs with the latest touch of bright, animated themes make them an artistic piece of furniture. It really has to be a part of the furniture at home that provides comfort, beauty and a perfect usage.

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