Barbados wants to part ways with Queen.

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The island state of Barbados wants to become a republic and elect a domestic head of state in 2021. The reaction from Buckingham Palace is tight-lipped.

The Caribbean state of Barbados wants to end its symbolic association with the United Kingdom and renounce Queen Elizabeth II as head of state. The government announced that the island state wanted to become a republic.

“Now its time to leave our colonial past completely behind us,” said Governor General Sandra Mason, the Queen’s official deputy in Barbados. The population wanted a person from Barbados as head of state.

Barbados will “take the next logical step to full sovereignty” and become a republic on November 30, 2021. This is the 55th anniversary of independence. Great Britain gave the island its independence in 1966, but the Queen officially remained the head of state.

Buckingham Palace spoke of “a matter of the government and the people of Barbados” and did not comment on the matter.

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