Biden criticizes Donald Trump’s “incredibly harmful messages.”

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Joe Biden said of Donald Trump that he would go down in history as the “most irresponsible president” of the USA. Its lawyers are seeking further lawsuits.
The newly elected US President Joe Biden criticizes Donald Trump’s “unbelievable irresponsibility” for refusing to acknowledge his defeat in the US election. Speaking at a press conference in Wilmington, Biden said Trump was sending “incredibly harmful messages to the world about how democracy works”. He will go down in history as America’s “most irresponsible president”, Biden said, referring to Trump’s efforts to undermine the election result.

Trump is still talking about alleged massive election fraud and has filed a number of lawsuits. He also blocks the handover of official business to Biden.

Trump’s behaviour was “outrageous,” said Biden. “It’s hard to understand how this man thinks.” Biden had previously described the acting president’s actions as “embarrassment”. When asked, Biden did not rule out using legal means to force the government to work with his transition team. However, this is currently not planned due to the time required. Biden is to be sworn in as president on January 20th.

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