Boris Johnson needs to make 10,000 jail places

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The new British Prime Minister is tightening the course in internal security. He wants to hire more police and build new prison cells.

To fight crime more, the British Prime Minister has announced some measures. He wants to build 10,000 new prison cells and hire an additional 20,000 police officers. Boris Johnson announced this in a newspaper column in Mail on Sunday.

The first new prison is to be built at HMP Full Sutton next to the already well-functioning high-security prison. The 10,000 seats will be added to previously announced new prisons in Wellingborough and Glen Parva, which will have 3,360 seats by 2023.

Finance Minister Sajid Javid has agreed to provide 2.66 billion euros for the construction of the cells. Johnson also called for harsher punishment for violent criminals and rapists, as well as for people armed with knives. He also wants to strengthen the rights of police in inspections on suspicion. For example, another 8,000 officers are to be allowed to interrogate and search suspects at will, “if serious violence is expected”.

Such police powers are controversial because young men belonging to ethnic minorities are disproportionately arrested and searched. A spokeswoman for the opposition Labor Party, Diane Abbott, said the operation was “a tried and tested recipe for unrest, not a reduction of violence.”

Johnson also wants to end the automatic release of criminals. Under current law, all offenders who are sentenced to life imprisonment and are considered non-dangerous can leave prison if half of the sentence has been served.

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