Boris Johnson rejects shocking sentence about Covid deaths

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New trouble for the British Prime Minister: Shortly before the recent lockdown last autumn, he has spoken disrespectfully about the pandemic victims.
Ten days before the UK local elections, embarrassing revelations put Prime Minister Boris Johnson under increasing pressure. Most recently, an alleged quote sparked Johnson’s criticism. He is said to have defended himself against a third lockdown last fall with the following words: “No more damn lockdown – the corpses should pile up by the thousands,” the Daily Mail quoted him as saying.

According to the paper, which did not name its source, the sentence was said to have fallen at an internal meeting on Downing Street in October. The prime minister denied the statement. When a reporter asked about it, he replied curtly, “No” and added that he believed that most of all people expect the government to “make the lockdowns work.”

Johnson’s spokesman and Secretary of Defense Ben Wallace had previously denied that the sentence had ever been so. In contrast, the BBC reported that a source had confirmed the quote.

The leader of the Scottish SNP in the British House of Commons, Ian Blackford, called the alleged remarks Johnson “deeply disgusting”. If they apply, the head of government must resign, he said on Twitter. Johnson has to answer questions in parliament on the “shocking allegations” and other administration scandals, Blackford demanded. Labour leader and opposition leader Keir Starmer also called for a full investigation into all allegations.

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