Boris Johnson sets EU ultimatum until mid-October

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The British Prime Minister is pushing for a trade deal between the EU and Great Britain. If an agreement is not completed soon, the project threatens to fail.
British Prime Minister Boris Johnson believes that post-Brexit negotiations between the EU and Great Britain must be concluded by mid-October. These negotiations are now in “the final phase,” said Johnson in preliminary excerpts published by his office from a statement that he intends to make on Monday. An agreement had to be negotiated with the “European friends” by the EU summit on October 15th and 16th so that it could come into force in good time by the end of the year.

If there is no agreement by mid-October, “then I do not see that there will be a free trade agreement between us,” said Johnson. For its part, the EU had already made it clear beforehand that, from its point of view, the negotiations must be concluded by mid-October. The agreements would then have to be translated and ratified by the EU Parliament.

Time for the next round of negotiations between the EU and Great Britain begins on Tuesday in London. The most recent round ended in August with no results. EU negotiator Michel Barnier then warned of failure. For its part, Great Britain accused the EU of making the talks “unnecessarily” difficult.

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