“Chief of Staff and Minister consciously opposed US President Trump.”

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Former Chief of Staff John F. Kelly and former Foreign Minister Rex Tillerson deliberately opposed US President Donald Trump. Former UN Ambassador Nikki Haley writes that in her autobiography that will be released on Tuesday, but which has already seen the Washington Post.

Haley claims that Tillerson and Kelly wanted to work with her to undermine Trump, but she refused. According to her, the politicians tried to “protect the country”. According to Tillerson, there would be deaths if Trump were not watched, Haley writes.

Tillerson and Kelly thought Trump didn’t know what he was doing and that their choices were better for the United States. Tillerson refused to respond to the Washington Post. Kelly says he always tried to make informed choices.

Haley says he is shocked by the alleged actions of the two politicians. She says he understands about Trump himself because he believes people should act to improve their problems with the United States. Trump himself also calls on Twitter to purchase the book.

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