China and Hong Kong condemn US sanctions.

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Because of the postponement of the general election, the US has imposed sanctions on Hong Kong’s head of government. The city’s leadership and China are outraged.
China and Hong Kong have harshly criticized the recent US sanctions against the Hong Kong government. A Hong Kong government spokesman described them as “shameless and hideous” and accused the US of “hypocrisy”.

The city government will support all countermeasures of the central government in Beijing against the USA. In the dispute over the restriction of Hong Kong’s autonomy, the United States imposed sanctions on Prime Minister Carrie Lam and ten government officials. , Americans are no longer permitted to work with them, and any assets in the USA have been frozen.

Trade Secretary Edward Yau called the sanctions “wild, disproportionate and unreasonable”. For US companies in financial metropolis, they would have negative consequences. China adopted a similar tone. The measures were “barbaric and rude,” said the Chinese government’s liaison office in Hong Kong. The US showed its “evil intentions to support people with anti-Chinese attitudes and to create disorder in Hong Kong”.

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