China and the USA want to work together on climate protection

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The tones were harsh at the first top-level meeting between the US and China since US President Joe Biden took office. And a constructive suggestion.
After their first high-level meeting since the Biden government took office, China and the US wanted to set up a combined project on climate change. This is reported by the official Chinese news agency Xinhua. At the meeting in Alaska on March 18 and 19, both countries’ representatives initially had an open confrontation and covered themselves with allegations.

Xinhua then announced on Saturday that the Chinese delegation had reported that both sides were determined to strengthen communication between the countries and work together on climate change. They also want to continue talking about making the work of diplomats and journalists possible.

Last year, China and the US expelled journalists and diplomats from each other in the face of increasing tensions. Xinhua further reported that both sides have now agreed to maintain the dialogue between their countries to prevent misunderstandings, conflicts and confrontations and promote the steady and solid development of Sino-US relations.

The US National Security Advisor, Jake Sullivan, had spoken of an expected “hard and direct” exchange after the two-day talks in Alaska had ended. The Chinese foreign politician and top diplomat Yang Jiechi described Chinese television discussions as constructive, but of course, there were still differences. The American embassy in Beijing has not yet responded to inquiries about the Xinhua report.

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