Connie Witteman takes an Insta pause.

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While a lot of people are enjoying a holiday in the meantime despite the corona crisis, Connie Witteman has decided to take a break on Instagram. She reports this on her 69th birthday on the social medium.
“Dear, dear insta friends, I am going to be away for a few weeks. I am only human; I am no more. A woman likes everyone else with joy and sorrow.

I try to give as much as possible, and I also make mistakes in my life, because how you really have to do ‘everything’ well, well, that is not described anywhere …..”, Connie writes to her 71,000 followers.

She adds: “I thank all my dear insta friends for all your dear messages and wish you a wonderful summer. I would love to see you in a few weeks. I’m counting on your sweet understanding.”

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