CureVac: Partners Can Make Other Vaccines If They Fail

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If German biotech company CureVac fails to deliver a well-functioning corona vaccine, the company could allow its partners to make vaccines for other companies.


That is what CEO Franz-Werner Haas told the Reuters news agency.

The CureVac vaccine achieved effectiveness of 47 percent in the first results of an important test, much lower than other corona vaccines. The German company did indicate that very few test subjects had the alpha variant of the coronavirus, but mainly mutations.

If the CureVac vaccine does not deliver better results, the company’s partners, including pharmaceuticals Novartis and Bayer and vaccine manufacturer Fareva, would be allowed to work for other parties as well. “We work with contract producers. If we don’t have a product, they can, of course, make other products.”

CureVac is also developing a new generation of vaccines against the mutations in collaboration with pharmaceutical company GlaxoSmithKline. According to Haas, those vaccines should receive preferential treatment from the partners as soon as they are ready.

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