DiCaprio contradicts Bolsonaro accusations about fires Amazon

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Leonardo DiCaprio continues to support organizations that are committed to the Amazon. The actor and environmental activist explicitly contradicted on Instagram that he would have given money to organizations that would be responsible for fires in the Amazon. Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro had accused DiCaprio of this.

“During this season of emergency for the Amazon, I bolster the individuals of Brazil who are attempting to spare their normal and social legacy,” DiCaprio writes in his statement. “The future of these irreplaceable ecosystems is at stake, and I am proud to support the people who protect the area.”

According to Bolsonaro, DiCaprio is said to have donated five thousand dollars to environmental organizations suspected of lighting fires in order to be able to extract money. The American actor says that the organizations that Bolsonaro is accusing certainly deserve his support, but that he has not given them any money.

DiCaprio also expresses its support for the original inhabitants of the Amazon, the scientists and experts who are trying to save the forest. The actor donated $ 5 million through his own charity last summer to repair damaged parts of the rainforest.

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