Donald Trump announces police reform.

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The US president wants to respond to the protests lasting weeks and sign a decree to reform the forces. The goal is law and order.
An order for police reform after weeks of protests against racism and police violence US President Donald Trump wants to sign “The overall goal is that we want law and order,” Trump said in the White House. “And we want that to happen fairly, fairly and safely.” Trump only wanted to say what reforms are specifically planned at a press conference this Tuesday in the White House. “We will have some good solutions,” he said. The president added that most police officers are “great people”.

In the United States, people have been protesting against racism and police violence for weeks. The death of Black George Floyd triggered it in a brutal police operation in Minneapolis, Minnesota on May 25. A white police officer had had his knee on his neck for almost nine minutes, although Floyd asked him to let him breathe.

On Friday evening, another fatal police operation against a black man occurred in Atlanta, Georgia. When Rayshard Brooks died in a police check, there were serious doubts about the proportionality of the violence used. The post-mortem revealed that the 27-year-old died of organ damage and blood loss from two gunshot wounds in the back, citing forensic medicine.

The incident in Atlanta was captured by a policeman’s bodycam. Trump said it was “a terrible situation.” He was expecting reports on Monday. Trump had condemned George Floyd’s death on several occasions and emphasized the right to peaceful demonstrations. Be that as it may, he is blamed for not situating himself obviously against bigotry and indicating excessively small comprehension of the annoyance about segregation and shamefulness.

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