Donald Trump extends immigration freeze until year-end

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No more green cards are to be issued this year. Certain work visas are also affected. The US president wants to secure jobs for Americans.
US President Donald Trump extends the immigration ban imposed until the end of the year due to the high unemployment rate resulting from the coronavirus crisis. As a US government official said, permanent residence and work permits – so-called green cards – are no longer to be issued this year.

The measure will also be extended to a number of work visas, including the so-called H1-B visa for specialists with a university degree, which is often used in the technology sector. Also affected are the L-1 visa, which is issued for the transfer of employees in a company, and the H-2B program for unskilled workers with exceptions for the food industry. In contrast, seasonal agricultural workers, according to H-2A, are not affected.

The point of the measure is to help US labourers even with the results of the coronavirus pandemic. The measures would secure 525,000 jobs for US citizens, the government official said. “President Trump is focused on getting Americans back to work as quickly as possible.”

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