Donald Trump fires chief of the Tennessee Valley Authority

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For federal companies, a kind of “Americans First” should apply according to regulation by the US President. Board members who did not heed it would be fired.
US President Donald Trump fired the head of a federal company because he wanted to replace American employees with foreign workers. He has formally fired the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) board chairman and another board member for “disciplinary reasons” and has threatened the rest of the board if they continue to hire foreign workers, Trump said.

The TVA board must immediately appoint a new chair which “puts the interests of Americans first,” Trump said. He announced this when he signed an ordinance requiring all federal companies to conduct an internal review not to replace qualified American workers with workers from other countries.

The ordinance came after TVA’s announcement that 20 percent of its technology jobs would be given to overseas companies. This could cause 200 highly qualified tech specialists in Tennessee to lose their jobs to foreign workers with temporary work permits, the White House said.

At the end of June, Trump extended an immigration ban imposed by the corona crisis until the end of the year. According to a government official, the measures would secure 525,000 jobs for US citizens. Among other things, this affects the so-called H1-B visa for specialists with a university degree, which is often used in the technology sector.

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