Donald Trump relativizes deadly police violence against blacks

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According to the US President, white men are more likely to be shot by police than black men. This is true in absolute terms but ignores the higher risk for black people.

Just under two months after the death of black man George Floyd in a brutal arrest, US President Donald Trump relativized the problem of police violence against black people. Floyd’s death was horrible, but more police whites than blacks are killed in the U.S., Trump said in a conversation with CBS.

On the journalist’s question of why blacks in the US were still killed by police officers, Trump said: “And white people as well. What a terrible question is being asked? The same goes for white people. More white people, by the way.”

Trump is accused of not clearly positioning himself against systematic racism and police violence in the United States. Above all, the president had criticized the violence on the margins of largely peaceful demonstrations by the Black Lives Matter movement. Trump had condemned Floyd’s death as an isolated case.

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