Donald Trump threatens to block postal voting money

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In order to guarantee the expected mass postal vote in the fall, the US Post needs more money. Trump is against it but has applied for a postal vote himself.
In the dispute over additional financial aid for the Post, US President Donald Trump openly admitted that he did not want to give any more money to deal with postal voting programs. In an interview with Fox Business Network, Trump mentioned two measures of an aid package intended by the Democrats to be decided in Congress and threatened with the blockade. “If we don’t make a deal, it means they won’t get the money,” Trump said. “That means they can’t have universal postal votes; they just can’t have them.”

The dispute over the Democrats’ financial aid to the Post is part of the overall infrastructure strengthening package that Democrats and Republicans are currently wrestling with. Trump rejects this help for the Post because he rejects expansion of postal votes because of the corona pandemic. The threatened blockade could still be prevented: When asked at a press conference, the President made it clear, according to the New York Times, that he was using the discussion about the aid for the Post as a bargaining chip with the Democrats about the size of the planned economic aid package.

Trump warned again that the postal vote would offer considerable opportunities for manipulation. “It’s going to be the biggest scam in history,” said Trump, claiming that in some US states, such as Virginia, postal ballot papers are being sent to “dead and dogs.”

Primarily because of the health risk posed by the corona pandemic, a significant increase in postal votes is expected in the November election. Trump has, therefore, repeatedly warned against electoral fraud, but has so far provided no evidence to support this claim. The Democrats accuse the President of deliberately betting that the company, which is already poorly positioned, will face major problems with the expected postal rush for the November election. Some estimates suggest that around half of all US voters could cast their ballots in the mail. The announcement of the November 3 election results could be a little late.

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