Erdogan’s Party Appeals Against the Election Council Decision

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The APK party vice-president, Ali Ishan Yavuz, said on Tuesday at a press conference to appeal against the ruling of the Turkish electoral council. He decided on Monday that there will be no recount of the votes of local elections in Istanbul.

The party of Turkish President Erdogan lost the elections in Istanbul on March 31 with a difference of more than sixteen thousand votes from opposition party CHP.

Immediately after the elections, the party demanded a recount. According to Erdogan, there are, among other things, ‘ghost voters’ – voters whose home address could not be verified. He called the result of the elections “organised crime”.

The Turkish Electoral Council did not agree with Erdogan’s request to recount all of the votes cast out of 31. There is, however, a less extensive recount.

If the appeal also does not affect, then Ekrem Imamoglu of the CHP party becomes the new mayor of Istanbul.

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