EU states and the European Parliament agree on a climate target for 2030

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By 2030, the EU’s greenhouse gases will be reduced by 55 percent below the 1990 level. The EU wants to contribute to the fight against global warming.
Negotiators from the EU states and the European Parliament have finally agreed to tighten the climate target for 2030. By then, the European Union’s greenhouse gases will be reduced by at least 55 percent below the 1990 level. This was announced by several representatives of the European Parliament and the Council of the Member States of the German Press Agency in Brussels. So far, the target has been minus 40 percent.

“This is an outstanding moment for the EU and a strong signal to the world,” wrote EU Commission Vice President Frans Timmermans on Twitter. “Our commitment to a climate-neutral EU will guide our policies for the next 30 years.” It is “a good day for people and the planet”.

The law stipulates that the EU will become climate neutral by 2050 – that is, it will emit fewer greenhouse gases than it otherwise compensates. The agreement puts the EU “on the green path” for a generation, said EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen. “It is our binding promise to our children and grandchildren.”

After more than 15 hours of negotiations, the negotiators of the European Parliament finally accepted the brand that the EU heads of state and government had set at the end of 2020. The EU Parliament wanted a lot more: a 60 percent reduction in greenhouse gases and a more rigorous calculation method. The MPs only reached concessions in details.

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