‘European Leaders Complain About Lack of Transparency from Facebook’

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The European Council, which consists of the heads of state of the 28 EU countries, thinks that Facebook offers too little transparency regarding the approach to disinformation.

“It is very challenging for us to see if they (Facebook, red) do what they should do,” says a source to the newspaper. Brussels also demands more transparency from Twitter and Google.

The three social media companies have signed a code of conduct regarding the approach to disinformation, for example by removing fake accounts and bots, making it more difficult for misleading users to make money and to give more reliable news sources more visibility.

The Guardian sources claim that Facebook poorly informs Brussels about the measures the company is taking. “Facebook has once again failed to provide all the necessary information”, EU officials Julian King and Mariya Gabriel let us know.

Brussels also points out that Facebook works in “only” eight of the 28 countries with a fact-checking partner, who can view and disprove reported disinformation on Facebook.

Europe publishes a monthly report on the progress of the disinformation approach.

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