Every Laguiole French Knife is Made By Single Craftsman

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You might have experienced the beauty of Laguiole Knives, where the sharp and stainless steel blade meets the sturdy handle grip to make it a perfect and classic masterpiece. Laguiole is one of the popular identities that introduced unmatched knives to the world.

The Laguiole knives are finely handcrafted in some of France’s limited places to maintain its legacy and heritage. Those who are new to ‘Laguiole‘ must know that it isn’t any brand that needs promotion. Instead, it is a village where the fine-crafted knives came into existence. These knives have been highly beneficial during World-War. From war to cutlery, these knives can be used for versatile purposes, soothing your tasks more simply.

Not many would believe, but Laguiole knives have been the tradition of French as they have been making these knives since 1828. Moreover, the machines in use are more than 100 years old. But today, the market has changed a lot. Many counterfeit Laguiole knives can be seen around the market that has degraded its importance and value.

Still, people have low-budget imitate knives that look the same and satisfy your needs. However, these knives lack the perfect artistry and artistry that a Laguiole knife deserves. Even today, the real Laguiole knife is made by a single craftsman. It is followed by different procedures to ensure that the customer gets a finely handmade knife that can bestow its services for years without facing the issues of rust, broken handle, etc.

Many people would be amazed that the root manufacturers of Laguiole knives still have limited knife makers. Each craftsman joins their team is trained to every single prospectus of knife making procedure. For a newbie to become an expert, it takes significant time.

Talking about its sharp and shining blade, Swedish stainless steel is used to make these steel hard and sustainable to heady duty usage. Furthermore, the handle requires a soft yet premier grip. Hence Laguiole knife makers prefer wood or horns from locals, offering them jobs and opportunities to sell their products and indirectly support the country’s economy.

Multiple wood varieties are used to make an unmatched handle for your knife. You would also have special edition knives where you can engrave your name and present yourself with a marvellous gift.

With increasing demand across the globe, nowadays, Laguiole knives are being offered in multiple designs. Since decades, Laguiole has become a symbol of royalty and prestige. That’s the reason people prefer buying these knives and always hold a pocket knife with them.

The million-dollar question is, which is the best Laguiole knife you would love to have? There isn’t any specific model that is in high demand. However, among all Laguiole knife formats, foldable knives are in trend. The reason being, they can be easily carried anywhere. Moreover, their premium blade, handle quality, makes it a perfect companion during an emergency.

So, what’s your choice from all the designs available? Do let us know about your favourite Laguiole knife.

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