Five Ways You Should Not Wear a Thawb

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How many of you have seen Arabic men wearing ankle-length garment?

That unique garment is known as Thawb or Thobe that is made to cover almost the whole body. It lengthens up to the ankle and covers full sleeves that add a modest look to the Arabic people. Mostly Arabic and Muslim men are seen wearing the thawb. However, with the changing trend and grooming fashion, people of different cast and religions adopt thawb as a fashion and, hence, wear it on different occasions.

However, with increasing popularity among foreigners and newbie people, the wrong trend is populating that has caused a mismatching of this outfit associated with the traditional thawb.

This article will cover the five most common ways that you shouldn’t wear a thawb and spoil your real beauty.

White Thawb with shoes without socks:

Undoubtedly, fashion has reached an extent where mix-n-match is the new way to test what’s more adorable and what’s not. However, when it comes to wearing the white thawb, you should avoid wearing shoes without socks. This nasty habit has to go. Keep your feet clean and the bacteria away. Most people would strictly disagree with the combination of white thawb and black sneakers without socks. It’s a complete no-no.

Wearing Thawb with Baseball Cap:

With changing times, modern takes on traditional outfits are becoming increasingly popular. However, there are some pieces that should never be put together. It’s a style crime. One such combination is wearing a white thawb with a baseball cap. Here’s the deal: Baseball caps are like tracksuit bottoms. No matter how they look, but they are still at the very bottom of the casual spectrum. For a man wearing the thawb, please avoid the look.

Avoid Wearing Transparent Thawb:

The market also has transparent thawb that comes with innerwear to make the complete outfit appealing. However, many people wear transparent thawb without considering the innerwear. If your innerwear is visible from the thawb, it’s essential to choose your innerwear smartly. Wearing a modern, fashionable, and a trendy t-shirt is never recommended under a transparent white thawb.

Don’t Wear Tight Fitting Thawb:

Thawb is the traditional outfit that were initially made to bestow comfort to the men, without compromising with the cultural outfit and decency. However, now you can see many men wearing a tight-fitting thawb. They are not appropriate; for the simple reason that super tight clothes have never looked good on men.  Wearing tight-fitting thawb defeats the purpose of wearing a traditional outfit. Thus, you must always purchase thawb that makes you feel comfortable in every possible situation.

Wearing Colourful / Trendy thawb:

Everything that comes from heritage needs to be processed and respected, even in the future. Thawb is one such traditional asset that must continue with the same design and format. Wearing colourful and trendy thawb isn’t the right way to adopt such wearing form and harm religious sentiments.

So whether you are a resident or visiting a new place, make sure to earn complete knowledge about thawb to adopt it wisely. You can also ask for locals to grow your understanding of the outfit.

What more do you think must be avoided when wearing a thawb?

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