Flu expert: reconsider song festival due to coronavirus

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Flu expert Ab Osterhaus believes that the NPO should reconsider whether the Eurovision Song Contest should go ahead now that the coronavirus is circulating in Europe. The expert had previously been critical of whether the song festival should continue. But he now believes that the Dutch organization may have to take its responsibility now that many concerts, festivals and other events are cancelled in Europe to curb the spread of the virus.
He stated that on Friday at RTV Rijnmond. “After all, many people come from outside and also from contaminated areas,” says Ab Osterhaus. “Then you have to ask yourself whether it would be wise to let such an event take place.”
The NPO, which organizes the Dutch edition in Rotterdam, proposes to follow the guidelines of the RIVM in this area. The watchdog has not yet said that it is wise to suspend events; The responsibility for these types of decisions is currently at the municipal level.

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