French ‘Speed Camera’ is Going to Fine too Loud Cars and Motorbikes

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The French police have started a test in which sound radar has to recognize vehicles that make too much noise. The owners will be fined automatically in the future.

More than fifty so-called ‘noise radars’ have been placed in and around Paris to be able to trace noise offenders faster, writes resources. France has had a law banning vehicles above a certain decibel limit for years, but in practice, it appears to be difficult to control.

With the new speed camera, a recording of a suspicious vehicle is made not only through images but also through four microphones that measure the sound level.

The police indicate that it is still a test, but that it will be possible in the future to automatically fine owners of vehicles, as is now the case with speed. A change in legislation is in the pipeline, after which a trial period of two years starts, in which the fines are not yet automated.

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