Frontex expects mass migration to Greece

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Thousands of migrants want to go to Western Europe and are waiting at the Turkish border. Greece no longer accepts asylum applications, the police and army are on alert.

According to the EU border protection agency Frontex, the situation on the Turkish-Greek border will worsen in the coming days. “It will be difficult to stop the massive flow of people who have travelled,” says an internal Frontex report that the world quotes from. “Therefore, pressure can be expected to increase in the short term in the coming days – even if the Turkish authorities should act to prevent border crossings.”

Following Turkey’s announcement to open EU borders to Syrian refugees, thousands of migrants are trying to get to Western Europe. Turkey accuses the EU of not adhering to the refugee pact concluded in 2016. According to the UN, around 13,000 migrants endure cold weather on the Turkish border with Greece. The government in Athens accused Turkey of persuading migrants with incorrect information to come to Greece and thus the EU. On Sunday, the Greek police used water cannons and tear gas to prevent migrants from crossing.

The Frontex report states: “News on social media increases the likelihood of a mass movement from Turkey to the EU borders.” Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis said his country would not accept new asylum applications for a month. Also, security officers in Greece have had the highest alert since Sunday evening. This applies to both the military and the police, said a government spokesman on state television.

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