Google prohibits turning off the Nest camera recording light

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Immediately it is no longer possible to turn off the recording light of Google’s Nest security camera and the Nest Hello camera door via the settings. Different users are angry.

Google has informed users that the recording light in Nest, Nest Hello and Dropcam security cameras will from now on always be on when recording. Until recently it was possible to switch this light off so that it was not visible when the camera was on or off.

According to Google, this fits within the new ‘privacy obligation for customers’. In May, the company promised that the Nest Hub Max, a smart speaker with a display, would give a “clear visual indicator” when your Nest cameras send video and audio. Google informs users via e-mail that this will now apply to all Nest devices. It is, however, possible to slightly dim the light in the settings.

It sounds reasonable that Google shows when it is recorded, but several users still complain. According to them, the light makes it very easy for burglars to recognize and switch off the cameras. It is, however, possible to cover the light with, for example, a piece of tape.

Earlier this year, Google merged the department of its Nest products with that of the Google Home speakers.

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