Great Britain is defying the pandemic with an education offensive

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The Queen presented the plans of Boris Johnson’s government. At the centre of the government, the declaration is an educational reform – and the revival of the economy.
The British government wants to promote the economic recovery from the Corona crisis with further training for adults. She wants to expand student loans to give all adults access to four years of study or vocational training during their lifetime. The proposal is part of the government plans announced in the traditional throne speech. Queen Elizabeth II read this out in Parliament to mark the beginning of the new year of Parliament’s session.

Improved access to adult and vocational education should help workers acquire the skills they need in a changing economy. Before the pandemic, employers couldn’t fill a quarter of their vacancies because they couldn’t find workers with the right skills, the government said. “Our universities and colleges must become much more accessible to adults and part-time students and enable people to change their careers, improve their skills regularly and stay up to date with changing knowledge and technology,” the government said.

The government statement also focused on Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s plans to stimulate the economy through investments in infrastructure projects. Johnson also wants to invest a lot of money in the National Health Service NHS. The conservative head of government also intends to push through projects such as a new police law and electoral and asylum law reforms. The police law, in particular, has been criticized. Critics see it as an attack on freedom of assembly.

The speech is Elizabeth II’s first major public appearance since her husband, Prince Philip, died a few weeks ago at the age of 99. With less pomp and pomp than usual – but as usual with dignity – she opened the next session of the British Parliament. The Queen’s Speech, at which the head of state reads the Prime Minister’s government statement, usually takes place once a year. This year it went on a much smaller scale because of the coronavirus pandemic. Instead of 600 participants, only about 100 were allowed to sit at a distance in the conference room.

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