Greenhouse gas emissions in the USA are to be halved by 2030

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The USA has set a new climate target. The Biden government is thus fulfilling a requirement of the Paris Climate Agreement.
The government of US President Joe Biden plans to at least halve US emissions of climate-damaging greenhouse gases by 2030 compared to 2005. A government representative in Washington announced that Biden would present this plan at the virtual climate summit. An official said the president’s “ambitious new target” gives the US government significant leverage to push for climate protection overseas.

With the new climate target, the Biden government fulfils a Paris Climate Agreement of 2015. It stipulates that members improve their climate targets every five years. In 2015, under the then-President Barack Obama, the United States invested in diminishing ozone-depleting substance emanations by 26 to 28 percent underneath the 2005 level by 2025. Environmental groups and business representatives have called on the new US administration to reduce at least 50 percent as the new climate target for 2030.

“The United States is not waiting, the cost of delay is too high, and our country is determined to act now,” the government said. “Climate change represents an existential danger, but responding to that threat offers an opportunity to support well-paying jobs, empower working people, protect public health and advance environmental justice.” However, the US government did not present any concrete plans.

Biden has made the fight against climate change a priority and promotes the economic opportunities of climate protection. As one of his first acts, he ordered the return of the United States to the climate agreement from which his predecessor Donald Trump had withdrawn.

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