joe biden

He can’t get rid of him.

Joe Biden speaks to citizens for the first time as President of the United States on CNN. It’s about the corona pandemic and the economy. But the headlines are back on Donald Trump.
Whether it was coincidence or coincidentally well planned, Donald Trump managed to get in the way of US President Joe Biden. Biden had set out on his first crucial official trip. He had flown to Wisconsin’s US state to do a town hall, a citizen dialogue, live on CNN at prime time. Before the new president could talk about his Covid strategy, his predecessor spoke in the White House. And Donald Trump did what he can probably do best: He attacked his opponents.

In this case, the opponent is called Mitch McConnell. For a long time, the Republican minority leader was a friend of Donald Trump, not an enemy. But after the lost election, the relationship slowly cooled. Now, after the failed impeachment process against Trump, it’s frosty. McConnell had voted against a conviction, but then made Trump morally responsible for the Capitol’s January 6th storm.

Trump does not let something like that sit on him. In a statement Tuesday night he called for McConnell’s removal, called him a “grumpy for no good” and said he would destroy the Senate Republicans. After his acquittal, Trump is unwilling to give up his influence on the party in favour of his game of golf. The power struggle with the conservatives will now openly break out. Even a split in the party no longer seems to be ruled out.

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