House of Commons advises on Boris Johnson’s departure from the Brexit agreement.

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MEPs in London are calling for the government’s controversial Brexit plans to be withdrawn. Business representatives warn of high costs for German industry.
The British House of Commons will begin its deliberations on Monday on the controversial plan by Prime Minister Boris Johnson to unilaterally amend the Brexit agreement concluded with the EU.

The bill is likely to become a heated debate, as some of Johnson’s Tories are pushing for its withdrawal. You see Johnson’s departure from the agreement as a violation of international law and therefore demand the resignation of Justice Minister Robert Buckland.

The British government surprisingly announced a few days ago that it would unilaterally change the Brexit treaty that was passed with the European Union in January. Among other things, it concerns the suspension of customs regulations in trade in goods for the province of Northern Ireland.

The government in London rejected the EU Commission’s request to withdraw the amendment. This also weighs on the ongoing negotiations on future relations and a trade agreement between the EU and the UK.

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