Ideas were after Rutte’s call, but young people want more

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Prime Minister Mark Rutte asked for ideas from young people, and he can get them too. In the two weeks after Rutte’s press conference, student organization LAKS now received more than 100 ideas for society after a corona. But the young people want to be more than just a group with fun plans.
Youth organizations started working immediately after Rutte’s appeal on 19 May. A website was created: There, young people were able to formulate ideas and concerns. And the topics are very diverse.

One-way traffic
For example, the LAKS came up with an idea for one-way traffic in supermarkets, because: “Many supermarkets in a city are small and people cannot get around each other. With one-way traffic, you ensure that people can walk along all the shelves, but that they cannot get too close. Then the one and a half meters can be saved more easily,” wrote a student.

Another argues that outdoor school should be considered. The weather is good; space is often best available. “There is enough space, especially in parks,” says one student.

Mental health
Ideas came up in the field of transport (‘legalize the electric scooter, because public transport will be hindered for a long time by corona’), ideas about IC occupation (‘train students to become employees in hospitals’) and ideas about the mental health of young people (‘no one and a half meters for young people, it affects mental health’). But the most important point is bigger: the young people really want to be heard.

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