Investigation Against the lawyer of Donald Trump

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Has the lawyer of the US President, Rudolph Giuliani, violated laws in his dealings with Ukraine? The investigate according to a report now prosecutors.

US authorities have opened investigations to clarify whether Rudolph Giuliani, a personal advocate of President Donald Trump, has broken lobbying laws in the Ukraine affair designed to prevent covert foreign influence. According to sources, citing two persons familiar with the investigation.

The investigators are therefore investigating whether Giuliani has tried to undermine the former US ambassador to Ukraine, Marie Yovanovitch. Guiliani had previously accused the former ambassador of hindering attempts to persuade the Ukrainians to investigate Trump’s political rival, Joe Biden.

Ex-Ambassador Yovanovitch is considered an important witness in the investigations into the possible impeachment of the President. On Friday, she told US Democrats that President Trump had urged the State Department to drop her as an ambassador.

The investigation against lawyer Giuliani is linked to the case against two of his employees who were arrested this week. The men are said to have violated laws to finance election campaigns. According to the New York Times, they are accused of forwarding illegal contributions to a congressman to help them get Yovanovitch out of office.

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