Iran calls for Joe Biden to take the first step to end the nuclear dispute.

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The US wants to talk to Iran – if the country fulfils its obligations. But President Ruhani says: First, the US would have to rejoin the nuclear agreement.
Iran’s President Hassan Ruhani has urged his US counterpart Joe Biden to take the first step towards settling the dispute over Iran’s nuclear program. He further mentioned this because the USA withdrew from the Vienna nuclear agreement in 2018 – and not Iran. “The (USA) owe us something, not the other way around,” said Ruhani on Iranian state television. As soon as Biden and the US return to their international obligations, Iran will also meet its obligations “within hours”.

The Iranian President responded to demands from the USA. They do not want to negotiate further steps until Iran fulfils its technical obligations from the nuclear agreement again.

However, Iran rejects this. First, the US would have to return to the agreement and immediately lift the sanctions against Tehran. If this does not happen by mid-February, Iran wants to restrict the inspections of the UN atomic agency IAEA in the country.

The previous US President Donald Trump withdrew from the nuclear deal in 2018 and imposed sanctions on Tehran. Since 2019, Iran has gradually no longer adhered to its technical obligations from the nuclear deal, which is intended to prevent the country from developing nuclear weapons.

Ruhani wants a solution to the nuclear dispute and no further escalation. It is also important to him to prevent an economic collapse in his country. In the past two years, the US sanctions have plunged the oil-rich state of God into the worst economic crisis in its history. Ruhani hopes that after Trump’s departure and Biden’s presidency, both the Vienna nuclear deal and the Iranian economy can be saved.

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