Iran Executes the Man who Spied for the US

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Iran says it has executed a man who spied on the Iranian government for the United States.

It is all about Jalal Haji Zawar. He is said to have worked for some time at the Iranian Ministry of Defense before being relieved of his duties in 2010.

According to Iran, he spied on the CIA on behalf of the American intelligence service and evidence of this was found in his home. Zawar is also said to have confessed himself, after which a court sentenced him to death, and he was executed.

The IRNA message does not state when that would have happened. His ex-wife has been sentenced to 15 years in prison for suspected participation in espionage practices, according to the IRNA.

The execution follows at a time when the tensions between the two countries quickly increased. The United States accuses Iran that the country has twice attacked oil tankers in the Persian Gulf and the Gulf of Oman. The US sent warships and planes to the area in response.

Iran shortly afterwards increased the uranium production to be able to produce four times as much. Both countries are bickering about where that would have happened.

Donald Trump wanted to respond using a rocket attack, but, according to him, abandoned it at the last minute. The American aeronautical authority FAA took the uncertainty and came up with a ban on flying over certain regions in Iranian airspace.

KLM also decided to avoid part of Iranian airspace, an action that is followed by many international airlines.

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