Italy Reports the Highest Number of Corona Infections in Six Months

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Italy has again reported a significant increase in the number of corona infections. The Ministry of Health says 4,458 corona cases have been recorded in the past 24 hours.


It is the first time since April 12 that more than 4000 infections have been detected in the southern European country in one day. The death toll rose by 22 to 36,083.

Italy was severely hit by the pandemic earlier this year. The government announced a strict lockdown and seemed to have the outbreak mainly under control by the summer.

More and more infections are now being diagnosed, although the number of deaths is still considerably lower than in the spring. Then hundreds of patients died every day.

The virus also seems to be spreading rapidly in other European countries. France reported 18,129 new infections on Thursday.

The day record had been broken the day before. Then nearly 19,000 new corona cases were added. In the Netherlands, 5,831 new corona cases were reported between Wednesday morning and Thursday. That was also a record.

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