Joe Biden wins area code in South Carolina

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The former Vice President scores his first victory in the race for the Democratic presidential nomination. He becomes Bernie Sanders’ main competitor.

The presidential candidate Joe Biden has won in the South Carolina Democratic Area Code. He is apart from its competitors with a clear lead. It is the first victory of the former Vice President, who had been disappointing in the three previous primaries. He can thus establish himself as Senator Bernie Sanders’ most significant competitor.

“We just won, and we won a lot because of you,” said Biden to supporters in Columbia, South Carolina’s capital. He thanked the voters. “A few days ago, the press and experts declared this candidacy dead,” added the 77-year-old. “We are very lively.”

Sanders congratulated Biden on his victory. 90 percent counting electoral districts, according to the election commission, Biden won almost 50 percent of the vote. Sanders was just under 20 percent. Sanders continues to lead the field of candidates for the Democratic presidential candidacy in nationwide surveys. He has won two of the democratic primary so far.

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