John Bolton wanted to prevent influence on Ukraine

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According to investigators, ex-security adviser John Bolton has criticized the exercise of political pressure on Ukraine. Accordingly, he spoke of a “drug deal”.

US Security Secretary Donald Trump’s former security adviser John Bolton appears to have spoken out against the exercise of political pressure on Ukraine last summer. The New York Times reported, citing investigators in the Ukraine affair. Thus, Bolton compared the attempt to pressurize Ukraine with a “drug deal” and commissioned White House lawyers.

As a result, there was a violent conflict with the US ambassador to Europe, Gordon D. Sondland. Sondland had, according to the investigators, together with Trump’s personal lawyer Rudolph W. Giuliani attempted to initiate Ukraine to investigate the US Democrat Biden.

Investigators are based inter alia on the statements of a former senior staff member for Russian and European affairs, Fiona Hill. The White House former Russia adviser testified on Monday in a ten-hour statement behind closed doors in the democratically-dominated House of Representatives. According to Hill, Bolton told her that he did not want to be part of the “drug trafficking of Rudy (Giuliani, editor’s note) and Mulvaney”.

Trump’s personal lawyer Giuliani is currently under investigation. In addition to other things, there is the question of whether Giuliani has broken lobbying laws in the Ukraine affair, which should prevent covert foreign influence. Hill’s statements were part of the Democrats’ preliminary investigations into the possible impeachment of President Trump. The background to this is Trump’s requests to Ukraine to investigate his political rival Joe Biden and his family. In addition, it is about possible interference of Ukraine in the US election campaign 2016.

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