Kamala Harris

Kamala Harris has a popularity problem.

The lack of results in the management of the border crisis and the silence during the chaotic evacuation of the troops from Afghanistan make the US vice president the worst valued in decades.
The debacle began in the first week of June. The Vice President of the United States, Kamala Harris, was getting ready for her first excursion abroad since her memorable landing in the White House. Joe Biden had depended on him with the titanic undertaking of dealing with the relocation emergency on the boundary with Mexico, clearly showing that his number two was destined to be a fundamental piece in his Administration and would not feed the fame of occupying a position empty of power, as has happened on other occasions.

Before flying here, in an interview with NBC, Harris claimed to have been at the border, the fact that the journalist denied. When it came to rectifying her, the Democrat answered: “I have not been to Europe either.” She was a blunder, but she didn’t get past the anecdote. Already in Guatemala, she launched the fundamental message that she wanted to get to her bases. She asked those who were considering migrating to the United States without papers not to do so. “Don’t come, don’t come,” she said. Since then, her popularity has chained three months of free fall.

All polls show a decline in popularity, but the extent of the crash varies depending on the study. In conservative votes, Harris appears with the worst grade for a vice president in 50 years. On the other hand, the progressives reduce her blow: it is the worst data of her in 30 years, always making the comparison with the first seven months in office.

The disapproval of Harris is close to 50%. The approval reaches 43.5%, according to the YouGov America platform, reversing the figures she registered when she became the first female vice president of the United States. She also broke the glass ceiling being the first Indian and Jamaican origin to achieve the position. Expectations – and scrutiny – started strong. The pressure is even more significant in her case since she arrived in the White House. She has been seen as a possible Democratic candidate for the 2024 elections on the assumption that Joe Biden, who in those elections will be about to turn 82 years old, don’t show up.

The lack of results in the border crisis – the number of arrests in July was the highest in two decades – is not the only argument Republicans use to attack Harris. Since she took office, she has held virtually no solo press conferences, according to The Hill, beyond a meeting of her during her visit to Vietnam. She answered journalists’ questions for 20 minutes. The low profile that she has assumed in recent weeks on the hottest issues in Washington has been made more evident in the Afghanistan crisis due to the withdrawal of US troops.

When chaos broke out in Kabul, Harris was touring Southeast Asia. In an appearance on August 24, she defended Biden’s decision to end the war, highlighted the way the evacuation operation was being carried out and thanked the allies for their collaboration. And then she settled the matter. Since then, according to White House statements, the vice president has not publicly referred to the point. However, yes, she has written some tweets to support Biden’s messages. Feminists are still waiting to hear her position on Afghan women now living under Taliban control, and her critics blame her for her lack of foreign policy experience.

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