kate and meghan

Kate defeats Meghan as the most influential fashionista

Royals are a source of inspiration for many, especially when it comes to clothing. The sunglasses that Princess Amalia wore in Lech went viral, Queen Máxima often surprises us with stunning outfits and the British can also use them. But there can only be one of the top queen of fashion. Who oh who will take off with that title?

Every year, the clothing site LovetheSales.com analyzes which member of the royal house is the most searched for. For example, people see Kate Middleton in a dress and want to order it themselves immediately. The study takes into account search results on Google and how often the royals’ fashion items are viewed and purchased online.

For years Kate was number 1 until Meghan Markle came into the picture. In 2017 she was introduced as Harry’s sweetheart, and soon the Meghan effect was noticeable. Not Kate, but Meghan was out of service when it came to fashion trends from then on. From November 2017 through December 2019, there was a 219 percent increase in Meghan’s search and purchase of apparel. For Kate, this was ‘only’ 119 percent.

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