Liam Payne about Drunk Acts with One Direction: It was the Only Way to Handle Fame

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One Direction may have been in hiatus for an indefinite period since 2016, but the period as the world’s most popular boy band is still fresh in the memory of Liam Payne (25). And not always in a positive sense, it turns out.


“I was often drunk,” it sounds in Australian Men’s Health.

“It’s hard when you’re as famous as we were then,” Liam Payne recalls in Australian Men’s Health magazine.

“There are so many people who have problems with their mental health and who don’t get the help they need. That is a problem in our industry.

According to Celebrity Insider Liam Payne Says He used to cope alcohol for One Direction concerts. Those problems can happen to anyone, and that has been happening since the 70s. You know what the pitfalls are, and if you’re lucky – like me – you can escape from that scenario and regain a sense of normality.”

The singer was barely 14 years old when he became famous in the TV program “X-Factor”. One Direction became wildly known, and that meant that Payne had to grow up very quickly.

Despite the support of his band members, he remembers his period with One Direction mainly as a single time, steeped in alcohol consumption, he says in the magazine.

“When you give hundreds and hundreds of concerts, you have to bring the same 22 songs every time. Even if you are not happy, you have to crawl on that stage, “it sounds. “It’s like putting on a Disney costume before you get on stage.

I was very often drunk under that costume. There was just no other way to deal with what was happening. I mean, it was fun. We had a lot of fun together, but there were certain moments when it all became a bit harmful.”

When the journalist asks Payne if he ever had the feeling that he was in control of the situation, he muttered. “No,” he answers. “Never. I’m still struggling with that. I have a hard time saying “no” because I don’t like to disappoint people. That is just in my nature.”

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