LOL! Retarded BLM extremists want to remove “racist and fascist” Gandhi statue

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In Leicester, England, there is a statue of Mahatma Gandhi. So that is the man who ensured the Independence of India, largely through peaceful resistance. For many people, he is, therefore, an inspiration. However, one group thinks very differently about this: Black Lives Matter.

An online petition from the left-wing extremist oikophobes accuses Gandhi of being a “racist, fascist and sexual predator”. Indeed, he would have been very racist towards “black people.”

Left-wing academics and politicians have reacted with surprise to this criticism of Gandhi. Yes, they say, he was sometimes “biased” towards black South Africans, but no one is perfect, “and comparing him to slave owners is absurd.”
In addition, according to his biographer and grandson Rajmohan Gandhi, he sympathized with black Africans during the Boer and Zulu wars. “Gandhi was also an imperfect human, but even imperfect Gandhi was more radical and progressive than many current compatriots.”

And so you see that left-wing “intellectuals” no longer have control over the creature they have created. They thought they could destroy white history with BLM. But now discover that the unhinged beast of ‘anti-racists’ and ‘anti-fascists’ wants to wipe out all history – white, black, brown, yellow, red, and all other possible colours – because (don’t be scared!) no historical figure turns out to be perfect have been.

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