May Also Sees Dissidents Step Out of the Party

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 LONDON – Following on from eight Labor parliamentarians, three deputies from the Conservative party of Prime Minister Theresa May have left the group and joined the new Independent Group. Anna Soubry, Sarah Wollaston and Heidi Allen say in a joint letter to May that “the disastrous way” on which the government tackles the Brexit was the last straw for them.

Former Minister Soubry later explained that anti-EU hardliners hijacked the Conservative party. “The fact is: the battle is over, and the other camp has won,” the politician told reporters. She hopes that more conservative parliamentarians will follow her example.

The impending British departure from the European Union has plunged the United Kingdom into a political crisis. The two giant political parties, the Conservatives and opposition Labor, are internally divided on how to deal with the Brexit. The deal that Prime Minister May concluded with Brussels was previously killed in the British House of Commons, the House of Commons.

According to the conservative defector Wollaston, a second referendum can offer a solution. The parliamentarian said May could get her deal approved if she also had a poll on it.

On Monday, seven members of the Labor Party, including Luciana Berger, decided to turn their backs on the party and continue as independents. Joan Ryan joined on Tuesday evening. All criticise the Brexit strategy of party leader Jeremy Corbyn. Moreover, they blame him for not acting forcefully against “institutional anti-Semitism” within Labor.

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